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"I am so excited! In just one hour Shelley helped me create a plan to easily make an additional $100K in the next year. Thanks Shelley!"

- Greg Towne, Washington

"Shelley, I want to thank you for helping me to clarify my business vision. Of all the coaches I have, you are the BEST! Thank you again!"

- Adriana Dodge, Author of "A Millionaire’s Real Estate Secret", FL

"I am a full time Real Estate Investor. Shelley helped me to create a side business that averages a net income of over $15,000 per month! Now I have the freedom that I’ve always dreamed of! Thanks Shelley!"

- Bill Neves, Portland, OR

"What a phenomenal program! Working with Shelley has helped me create solid business building strategies for my multi-level marketing business and get the results I’ve been waiting for. YOU ARE AWESOME!"

- Tamy Banos, FL

"Within weeks of working with Shelley, I have increased my client base three fold! Thank you, Shelley, for your dedication, passion and support while I make a difference in this world."

- Vince Pizzitola, FL

"I just started using working with Shelley one week ago. From the strategies we created in our coaching session, I have already made an additional $1500! Thanks Shelley!"

- Maru Leal, Canada

"Shelley Herzog is the Greatest Coach anyone could ask for. She has a way of making the complexities of life simple. This comes from her mastery in the Art of Teaching. She is relatable, caring, trustworthy, and knowledgeable, has a great sense of humor and is never at a loss for words or creative ideas. Thank you Shelley so much for making a difference in my life."

- Joanne Moulton, Maine

"Shelley Herzog has a special ability to allow anyone to be the unique person they are while helping them to be who they most want to be."

- Bobbie Young, WA

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