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Have you ever wondered why you can’t get over the success hurdle on your own? Here’s an analogy that I think we can all relate to:

Imagine a fish bowl. A fish spends all day swimming around in the confines of it’s bowl – that’s the extent of its world and it has no concept of the world outside the bowl; the world is beyond imagination because it’s beyond experience.

Some businesses are like that fish – swimming in water filled with belief systems that govern their lives, choices that they make blindly, assuming there are no other options, and wondering why they keep bumping into the glass! You don’t have to continue to struggle. As your coach, I will guide you through the discovery process, create a system of accountability and will be your bridge between information and action.

I help my clients be more than they even thought possible by developing the T.A.P. Method™, Talent + Action = Prosperity, which is proven to be key the ingredient in achieving business success.

Clients most likely to maximize their results from the T.A.P. Method and my personalized coaching plan are:

  • Established business owners
  • C-Level solopreneurs
  • Open-minded
  • Goal-oriented
  • Seeking a change
  • Willing to invest in themselves and their business

Coaching packages can be customized or fit into one of the following formats:

  • Power Session (3 hour conversation)
  • Weekly coaching (1 conversation per week for 30 minutes each)
  • Bi-weekly coaching (2 conversations/month for 30 min each)

If you fit any or all of the above categories, I encourage you to register for a free 30-minute business breakthrough coaching session. Register now.

"Shelley’s techniques for building my business were just what I needed. Using her strategies, I filled my business with clients, quit my full time job, and know how to keep my practice thriving! I no longer stress about monthly cash flow."

—Teresa Lindquist, AZ

Shelley Herzog

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